Why more amateur athletes are hiring coaches

    The best athletes worldwide need coaches who can guide their training, analyze their performance, set a plan to improve their performance and help them achieve their goals. But not only professional atheletes need endurance training by coaches. Regular people of any profession need a coach too, and there are endurance coaching plans for

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Athlete-Centered Coaching is Better

  Does an professional athlete need a coach? Drummond (2016)explains the definition of endurance coaching, which involves the interaction between the coach, the athlete, environment and task which purpose is improving the athlete performance. Also, endurance coaching can be classified in autocratic (coach-centered) or democratic (athlete-centered) (Lyle, 2002). Autocratic (coach-centered) creates a training environment where

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The skinny on fats

Beginning more than a half-century ago, fats got a bad reputation in the medical world. The thinking: Ingesting fats led to high levels of cholesterol, which led to an increased risk of heart attacks. More recent research, however, shows little link between fat intake and cardiovascular disease mortality. Instead, higher carbohydrate intake was linked to

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